Distinguished Alumni:

Kennedy M. (bass) 2019 Howard County GT Orchestra
Grace W. (flute) 2012 Honors Band
Kara M. (clarinet) 2012 Honors Band
Eric H.(trumpet) 2012 Howard County GT Band; 2011 Honors Band
Joshua P.(tuba) 2008 Howard County GT Band.
Bryan H. (violin)
Katie B.(flute) Howard County Music Teacher
Emily H. (trombone)
Sarah H. (flute)
Albert W.(trombone) Prince Georges County Music Teacher


Megan H. - (2005) Howard County Music Resource Teacher
Dorothy H. - (2007) Montgomery County Music Teacher
Vishal P. - (2008) Continued studies at the University of Miami
Amber A. - (2011) Prince Georges Music Teacher
Candace T. - (2012) St. Mary's Music Teacher
Andy S - (2015)
Dan J. - (2018) Montgomery County Music Teacher
David R. - (2019)

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