About Chorus -

It's Chorus Time and all students in 4th and 5th grade are invited to join.   No audition is required for membership.  However, in order for children to enjoy the best possible choral experience, the following expectations must be maintained.

*Chorus members must be willing to sing and use their best voice at all times.
*Chorus members are expected to attend weekly rehearsals.
*Chorus members must come prepared with a plain pocket folder labeled Chorus.   
*Chorus members are to at all times uphold Guilford Elementary School rules.    

Guilford Elementary School is extremely proud of the chorus.  It is hoped that members take their commitment very seriously, working hard during rehearsals and remaining in chorus for the entire year.  If your child has your permission to join Chorus, please discuss with him/her the commitment being made and the responsibilities involved.  Please obtain and sign a chorus permission slip and return it to me.  Thank you for your cooperation and support!

Jacqueline E. Cousins
Vocal Music/Choral Teacher

Any student wishing to study the art of singing in depth is recommended to obtain private instruction.  See http://www2.hcpss.org/music/private.html#voice

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